Consumer insights from user generated content

In the world of the digital revolution, consumers are not only users of digital assets but also creators of new digital content. On the other hand, consumer knowledge and awareness has made advertising and other modes of marketing questionable in the eyes of future consumers.

Today consumers rely more on peer evaluation and online word-of-mouth. These change has made user-generated-content (UGC) important for marketers. Moreover, often traditional market research is costly for many marketers. Before investing a lot on the focused targeted research, marketers may want to conduct an exploratory study where the huge information stored in user-generated-content plays important role. User-generated content also plays important role in traffic generation, reputation building, etc. However, a marketer can only use such information properly when they adapt and learn newer methodologies which can create insight from text, images and videos. In this presentation we will discuss the following:

  1. Methodology to find the satisfaction drivers and their relative importance from UGC.
  2. Methods of identifying the monetary value of a review and/or a reviewer.
  3. How cultural variations in consumer behavior can be easily tracked.
  4. How to tackle dark UGC (fake reviews, rumors, clickbaits, etc.).

Based on research work of the speaker and its applications in many consultancy engagements the speaker has taken up, the above topics will be helpful for future managers and interested market research agencies.

Consumers Methodologies Presentation by End-Client


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