Client-side versus agency working: Can the grass be green on either side of the fence?

It’s widely acknowledged that agencies are high-tempo, high expectation environments. Agencies tend to focus on billable hours, meaning the need to meet deadlines is real.

Client-side roles are typically steadier and allow you to focus on one business, rather than five or 10 in a single month. But can the grass be green on either side of the fence?

An award-winning market researcher, Jake spent seven years agency-side before making the switch to join SailGP. His first client-side role.

Jake will share his honest story as a client-side researcher and what actually goes on behind the scenes as a researcher. Often stories Jake and other agency researchers would have loved to understand and find out.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understand some of the challenges of client-side researchers and how partners and agencies can support more.
  2. The common mistakes agencies and partners make when working with client-side researchers.
  3. How all researchers can work collectively together.

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