Richard Heath

Managing Director. Brand, Comms and Advertising specialist, Blue Yonder Research

Richard took over as managing director at Blue Yonder late last year. He is just back from eight years in Asia helping CMOs and their teams connect and grow in markets as diverse as Pakistan and Thailand, Japan and the U.S. His specialism is connecting brands with cultures and using digital and neuro techniques to unlock growth where traditional research can’t find it. Richard has spent 2019 developing Blue Yonder’s Lean approach to insight; a combination of the right people with new tech and new ways of working with clients to deliver Better insight, Faster and Cheaper.

Sessions from Richard Heath:

The art of precision: Driving buy-in and action beyond the debrief

In 2022 we delivered ‘The Art of Spectacle: Storytelling Beyond Narrative’ designing projects for insight and impact in equal measure – delivering evidence in such a powerful way, that stakeholders [...]


Thursday | 10:45 am - 11:15 am | Room 5