Nicki Morley

Head of Behavioral Science and Innovation Expertise, U.K., Kantar

Nicki is our go to expert for innovation in the U.K. With a wealth of client-side experience in the development of disruptive and sustainable innovations. Nicki works with our biggest clients and our Kantar Innovation team, to provide guidance on how to nurture and develop meaningfully different innovations using the latest agile thinking and approaches. Nicki leads our offer development thinking and thought leadership in the innovation space, specializing in the use of behavioral science to nurture breakthrough innovations and the development of sustainable innovations that will drive adoption of more prosocial behaviors. When not in the office Nicki likes to watch musicals with her teenage daughters and husband.

Sessions from Nicki Morley:

Dare to be different: Lessons learnt from innovating in the food, soft drink and alcohol sectors

Being ‘different’ is the main driver of above average stock market returns, from technology to finance to consumer-packaged goods, according to recent analysis from Saïd Business School at the University [...]


Wednesday | 10:00 am - 10:30 am | Room 1