Marlies Kerklaan

Chief Operating Officer, Veylinx

With a background in psychology, I find human behavior fascinating. Our behavior tells more about us than what we say. Combining this insight with everyday challenges is a useful way to learn more about consumers. Being COO at Veylinx gives me the opportunity to find out how consumers really value new developments in product offerings — for example, in the area of sustainability. Furthermore, it allows me to be part of a great team that always goes the extra mile in finding out the true value of consumer wants and needs.

Sessions from Marlies Kerklaan:

Action-focused innovation tracking: How to get in the driver’s seat?

Launching a new product or brand is just the beginning: it takes agility and vision to achieve long-term success. Tracking is supposed to monitor an innovation’s performance, but traditional methods [...]


Wednesday | 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Room 3