James Wilkinson

Enterprise Account Director, Toluna

I’ve worked in finance automation, supply chain automation, learning (including learning automation!) and now market research automation, albeit with an agile service model so that when clients still need services, they can access them.

I believe that organizations reach their potential when their people are given tools that enable them to focus on the areas where they can add the most value. Understanding that, and investing in the right solutions to enable their teams to be more productive, is what I’ve seen best-in-class companies do all over the world. I’ve been privileged at times to be part of their journeys.

Sessions from James Wilkinson:

How Budweiser Brewing Group is leveraging agile technology and services to get fast, quality insights from consumers

What Budweiser Brewing Group needed from a consumer insights partner like Toluna and examples of some output from a study. Key takeaways: The importance of Insight in category management and what BBG [...]


Wednesday | 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Room 5