Jake Pryszlak

Insight Manager, SailGP

A three-time award-winning market researcher and Insight Manager at SailGP, Jake has worked with some of the most well known organizations in the world including Google, AirBnB, Formula One and JP Morgan. He has been featured in Greenbook, Quirks and is a Forbes columnist. Day to day, Jake helps SailGP understand their audience whilst helping cross departmental decision making, utilizing insights. Outside of work, Jake can be found going back-and-forth to the dog cupboard, giving Hugo treats, when in fact, the Cocker Spaniel actually wants to play ball!

Sessions from Jake Pryszlak:

Client-side versus agency working: Can the grass be green on either side of the fence?

It’s widely acknowledged that agencies are high-tempo, high expectation environments. Agencies tend to focus on billable hours, meaning the need to meet deadlines is real. Client-side roles are typically steadier and [...]