Hannah Rogers

Head of New Business: R&D, Innovation and Shopper specialist, Blue Yonder Research

Trained by client-side global best practice leaders, Hannah works with Directors and VPs of leading global giants. She focuses on developing new methodologies to get clients where they need to go faster, better, more cost effectively and on helping them to truly understand the moments that matter, create their own innovations and build winning products and services of the future. Hannah creates holistic client programs to find competitive edges that deliver superiority and drive growth: she is the leader of the Campaign for Real Innovation and was awarded MRS Research Hero status for her contributions to methodological innovation.

Sessions from Hannah Rogers:

The art of precision: Driving buy-in and action beyond the debrief

In 2022 we delivered ‘The Art of Spectacle: Storytelling Beyond Narrative’ designing projects for insight and impact in equal measure – delivering evidence in such a powerful way, that stakeholders [...]


The art of Holisticism: Designing for exceptional experiences

Our industry often talks about ‘consumers,’ ‘shoppers’ or ‘customers’ but what we really mean is ‘people’ – people that experience brands, products and services holistically. From the moment they think [...]