Emma Shaw

Homecare R&D E-Commerce Innovation Manager, Unilever

On the team that won the Edison Gold Innovation award, Emma is passionate about discovering human truths through innovative research approaches and advocating for design to create truly wonderful experiences which solve everyday pain-points for people everywhere.

Her 15 years at Unilever R&D sees her experience spanning home care and beauty and personal care. A psychology and neuroscience undergrad, Emma started as a consumer scientist, progressing to manage the Fabric Enhancers CTI team. Most recently, she’s focused on unlocking the way to innovate for digital commerce and is now leading a key innovation project for the brand Dirt is Good.

Sessions from Emma Shaw:

The art of Holisticism: Designing for exceptional experiences

Our industry often talks about ‘consumers,’ ‘shoppers’ or ‘customers’ but what we really mean is ‘people’ – people that experience brands, products and services holistically. From the moment they think [...]