Dani Kamras

Co-founder, Cambri

Dani has 15 years of experience supporting innovation with the help of consumer insights. He has helped brands like Carlsberg, Fiskars, Unilever and Burger King to capture value from consumer insights when trying to find new growth opportunities. He has experienced that when consumer insights is used to its full potential, it boosts creativity, aligns decision making and fosters a culture where ideas and hypothesis can come from anywhere and anyone in the organization. He believes that in a test, learn, iterate approach consumer insights is when much of the actual innovation happens.

Sessions from Dani Kamras:

From traditional insights to AI: How Carlsberg Sweden and Sinebrychoff, part of Carlsberg Group, innovate probably the best beer in the world

Most consumer product companies are seeing a more rapid shift in consumer behavior and preferences than before. It’s why novelties and – consequently – innovation are playing a bigger role [...]


Wednesday | 11:30 am - 12:00 pm | Room 5