Camilla Carson

VP of Sales, Black Swan Data

Camilla partners with global clients to embed predictive trend intelligence into their insight and innovation programs. She brings over 15 years of management experience in some of the U.K.’s leading technology companies. As part of the management team at Mumsnet she led strategies which concentrated on developing insights from social data, mobile technology and adtech systems. Camilla is a financial analyst by training and worked in investment banking before making the move into technology. During her time in banking she spoke regularly at the U.K. Parliament on diversity and inclusion, and sat on the 30% Committee which championed women empowerment.

Sessions from Camilla Carson:

How AI can deliver innovation your customers really want

Black Swan Data’s end-to-end innovation platform is rewriting the rule book for consumer-led new product development. Join Camilla Carson to learn how Black Swan Data harnesses the power of artificial [...]


Wednesday | 10:00 am - 10:30 am | Room 5