Welcome to a new era.

Two great U.K. brands. Two powerful networks. Virgin Media Business and O2 Business have joined forces to provide a new type of digital partner that today’s U.K. has been waiting for.

Because it’s no longer enough to just ‘do business.’ Consumers now expect more. They want you to ‘do good’ at the same time. Which is why this era is different and you need new ways of working to thrive in it.

We’re ready to challenge more, achieve more, share more.

Business as we know it is over. At Virgin Media O2 Business, we’re just getting started.

Expect more.

Sessions from Virgin Media O2 Business:

The Virgin Media O2 SME audiences: An example of a great segmentation

“Every segmentation is a huge challenge and many of them fail to live up to expectations, even today. The two biggest issues are: A framework that is fundamentally not fit for [...]