We’re in the business of answering our clients’​ big “Whys?”​ We conduct qualitative market research but any comparisons to the traditional research firm end there.

We meet people on their own turf – where they live, work and play. We sit down with them at the family dinner table. We shop with them. We even pick up the kids from school with them.  And if we cannot be there in person, we make it feel like we are by using the latest technology.

Everything we do makes our research feel like anything but market research. It’s why we’re the opposite of consumer research.

Sessions from The Candor Company:

Your participants are your MOST valuable asset. Are you wasting your time and theirs?

If you have yet to learn by now, the monetary honorarium is not as powerful of an incentive as it once was for qualitative research. Even before the pandemic changed [...]


Thursday | 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm | Room 4