Exhibitor, Bronze Sponsor

Stand 406

Rubiklab is a data platform that combines advanced market research capabilities with Ai powered technology.

We enable our clients to drive data collection with minimal transactional touchpoints.

Our scripting module is easy to use and can accommodate complex logics.

We have a next to no email approach giving our users full control and visibility on fieldwork and deliverables. Our data processing is dynamic and allows for immediate clean interim exports in all standard formats. The platform has built in collaborative functions and secured levels of access and control.

Survey data is supported by a new generation of proprietary Ai mining solutions: intuitive contextual exploratory tools that go further. Because we believe there is a complex world beyond panels and social media.

We also integrate qualitative inputs from our hyperconnected communities of participants – for a 360 perspective and more colour to your data.

We can tailor recruit, integrate from lists or CRMs or leverage our existing communities.

We also provide custom solutions for complex projects.

Our interface is flexible and easy to use and centred on experience.

Our reports are dynamic, multi-layered and legible. Because research is too important for bad design.

At Rubiklab we decode business questions and provide clear actionable insights.

For brands, for people, for values.