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About Relative Insight

Relative Insight is a text analysis platform that extracts value from words.

By comparing any amount of qualitative data, Relative Insight reveals differences and similarities in how people and brands speak, and this methodology surfaces unique insights in a scalable way.

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Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps insights and research professionals, and marketers and brand specialists discover more value out of the language data they’ve already got – from primary research, to insights tools and anything online.

Relative believes that language and text data represents one of the biggest and most valuable – but often, most under-used sources of business value. It tells us why things happen, how people feel, and how best to engage with them.

Coupled with a rich understanding of audience, Relative Insight’s platform saves time and supports the science in analysis, which leads to sharper communications, better brand positioning and more resonant campaigns.

Relative Insight’s HQ is in Lancaster, but has commercial offices in London and New York. | | +44 203 7945 476 | @relativeinsight