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Quirk’s looks like a magazine and reads like a magazine. But it is much more. It is a place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing research – client and agencies alike – can exchange their best thinking. Everything we cover is designed to promote the use, value and understanding of marketing research and lead you to innovative insights. Quirk’s is written for – and read by – a global community of leaders in corporate marketing research departments. But the magazine is just the beginning. Quirk’s produces live events; Webinars; e-newsletters; iPad, Android and Kindle Fire apps; a LinkedIn Group; and the most visited and most comprehensive industry Web site. Free access at:

Expo experiences:

Game On! The Quirk’s Event Leaderboard Game

Expo Hall

We are excited to bring the Klik smart badges and app to the Quirk’s Event. Using the smart badges and app, you can earn points by connecting with exhibitors and other attendees, attending sessions and giving session feedback.

How you can earn points:

  • Complete your profile: 100 points
  • Attend a session: 50 points
  • Provide session feedback: 100 points
  • Connect with an attendee: 50 points
  • Connect with an exhibitor: 100 points

1st place: £100 Quirk’s Media (Money will be wired to winner.)

2nd place: £50 Quirk’s Media (Money will be wired to winner.


All other winners are drawn from attendees who earn a minimum of 2,500 points before 12p.m. ton Day 2 of the event.

£20 Starbucks digital gift card Quirk’s Media (Card will be e-mailed to winner)

£25 Amazon digital gift cardQuirk’s Media (Card will be e-mailed to winner)

£15 Starbucks digital gift cardQuirk’s Media (Card will be e-mailed to winner)

£50 Amazon voucher – Panelbase (Stand 411)

£50 Amazon voucher – Take Note, a Verbit Company (Stand 503)

£100 Amazon voucher – Internet Research Bureau (IRB) (Stand 602)

Recollective Software License (up to 50 participants, 1 Week Duration) – Recollective (Stand 220)

*Sorry – Exhibitors and Sponsors are not eligible.

Churros is the answer

Expo Hall

Looking for a sweet treat on day two? Stop by the Churros Stand – the classic Spanish doughnut dessert, an international favourite.

The Churros stand is open on Day 2 (Thursday) at 2:00p.m.