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Stand 213

Who we are

Quilt.AI creates empathy at scale between organizations and the billions of people on the planet. With playful imagination and responsible technology, we uncover cultural meaning in big human data to design positive change and impact at scale.

How we work

We merge machine learning with human, cultural intelligence. Our team of anthropologists, engineers and designers develop dynamic models and maps from the billions of data points generated from digital behavior with contextual ethnographic immersions. Driven by our proprietary Culture AI platform, Sphere, Quilt.AI builds a quantitatively validated understanding of the consumers, categories, and culture.

Our partnerships

We partner with organizations across healthcare, technology, government, consumer goods, travel, and finance to provide actioned solutions powered by validated insights. Together with our partners, we design sharper opportunities and change interventions across a wide range of areas – from reinventing access to education to creating hyperlocal community spaces.

Sessions from Quilt AI:

Predictive AI goes to the Super Bowl

Quilt.AI has developed a fine-tuned an advertising analysis machine learning system, that allows the prediction of ad performance across standardized evaluative criterion. In addition, they have layered it against a [...]


Wednesday | 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm | Room 5