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Stand 120

We are an award-winning global digital MR product and solutions company, providing access to experiences and life moments of engaged consumers from hard-to-reach audiences (Consumers, B2B and Specialist Audiences, including Healthcare) in the growing and developed markets, driven by Technology and Community Analytics to our global clientele of MR firms, Ad Agencies, Consultancy firms, and End Enterprises. With over 5.81 million panelists in 34 growing and developed economies, we conduct over 6.86 million surveys across domains annually.

Our focus on innovation extends to providing market research products and solutions, such as SmartSight, HealthSight, and TAPP.

Sessions from Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd.:

Growth hacking the moments that matter to create new category opportunities

Could taking an existing idea and creating something more powerful out of it yield faster growth results? We will look at an energy boosting chewing gum which helps make people [...]


Thursday | 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm | Room 3