BLOCKHEAD is a company on a mission to provide performance products with lifestyle credentials for all walks of life. Our products combine the day to day nature of confectionery with functional formulations to empower you to make the most of your time.

Our first product is a unique, new generation energy product. The compressed energy gum delivers a sugar-free boost via patented technology that acts in just five minutes. The Caffeine, Vitamin and Ginseng formulation provides a sustained lift without calories or high cost! ‘Energy for Everyone’ backed by no-bull marketing.

Our second product is a vitamin D, C, B and A cold pressed gum, which tastes like lemon sherbets! The gum offers a pill free and enjoyable method of supplementing which is extremely portable and never a chore. It also offers a point of difference to current supplementing methods and even improves oral hygiene.

Sessions from BLOCKHEAD:

Growth hacking the moments that matter to create new category opportunities

Could taking an existing idea and creating something more powerful out of it yield faster growth results? We will look at an energy boosting chewing gum which helps make people [...]


Thursday | 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm | Room 3