Of all the words we could have used to describe what we’re passionate about, ‘Audience Strategies’​ were the two that stood out. Data / insight / research / analytics / data science can be used in many ways to understand audiences, but data’s biggest impact is when it helps to be STRATEGIC about growing your AUDIENCE.

We build capabilities (teams, processes and technologies) that deliver audience strategies. We’ve done it in politics, music, book publishing, TV and luxury retail. Sometimes at great scale and huge impact. When it works, it’s like magic in how it transforms both the economics and the culture of an organization.

The world is in the early days of using data to understand audiences. It feels like the early days of the X-ray, which let doctors look inside and understand the body for the first time: It took 100 years for X-rays to be integrated into doctors ways of working. It may seem like the data revolution is upon us, but like the early days of the X-ray, it’s still not at all clear to most organizations how data should be integrated into their daily life. We love creating capabilities and teams that move us closer to this goal.

Sessions from Audience Strategies:

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