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March 3-4, 2020



What responsibilities and opportunities do brands have in tackling the biggest threat the world faces?

Room 5 | 1:00-2:15 | Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sustainability is a topic that’s on every boardroom agenda. How a brand responds to today’s ecological, social and economic environment is central in creating long-term value. Amid growing global uncertainty, and with consumers across every industry sector demanding a more sustainable future, 62% of brand executives now recognize that ensuring the sustainability of their products and services is fundamental to remaining competitive and relevant. 

Today, consumers expect and demand that brands are ethical. The challenge is how to make this central to the proposition, not a sideshow. The way in which brands embed ethical thinking into their promise – so it becomes a relevant part of what makes them distinctive – is increasingly important.

Brands need to be led, built and measured differently. They need a new template that focuses on the importance of integrity and inspiration, finding new ways to deliver beyond their own interests and contribute positively to the world. When they do this, there’s an opportunity to build a new kind of consumer relationship. Increasingly, the new way for brands to engage and inspire is by building causes that communities can rally around.

Hall & Partners is launching a new call to action for brands, starting with its far-reaching SUSTAIN campaign. SUSTAIN explores how CNN, AstraZeneca, Waitrose, WWF, Gap, PwC and many other brands, agencies and thought leaders are tackling ethical thinking and sustainability and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

We will be launching a new framework for building and evaluating ethical brands. This framework will also help identify how brands can create inspiring brand narratives, innovative brand experiences and communities of engaged brand fans.

After a refreshment break and a free copy of SUSTAIN magazine, Hall & Partners will chair a lively cross-sector debate discussing:

  • How can brands be distinctive through talking about ethical issues and sustainability?
  • Does having a positive impact on the environment result in stronger business performance?
  • How do you make sustainability central to what the brand does and delivers authentically – and should this be what brands commit to?
  • What are the guiding principles for making ethical thinking and sustainability pay?