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Why multiple locations?

The first two years of the event in Brooklyn, N.Y., sold out weeks in advance. A larger event in New York would make it vastly more expensive to produce and it would potentially destroy the event atmosphere attendees love. We have heard from numerous Quirk’s readers that they wanted to attend the event but New York was too far, too expensive and too time-consuming to get to. Numerous people have told us that the dates of the event don’t always fit with their schedule. Due to these issues, we decided to launch the Quirk’s Event in Los Angeles, London and Chicago. Now our readers can choose the location and dates that work best for them. And by having the four events weeks apart, we only have to market the conference at one time during the year.

Are the shows identical?

No, but they will be very similar. All events will have the same theme and atmosphere with practical learning sessions, interactive exhibitors and experiences centered around the expo hall. But, due to logistics, not every speaker will be able to present at all events. Quirk’s will ensure that the events cover a wide array of timely and practical sessions, no matter which location you choose. All four events will have the same great networking opportunities.

Should I attend multiple events?

While we don’t recommend that you attend multiple events, you are welcome to if you would like. While the events won’t be identical, they are similar enough that you might find attending multiple events a bit repetitive.

How is Quirk's working to ensure a safe event?

To reduce person-to-person contact during check-in, we are offering touchless registration and early check-in times. If necessary, we will provide masks for attendees. Additionally, we will follow safety protocols by continuously sanitizing surfaces and keeping attendees spaced appropriately.

What is included in the registration fee?

Access to the expo hall, all sessions, the Quirk’s Event smart badge and app and the Cocktails with Quirk’s Reception are all included.

How can we deliver a quality, two-day event for as little as $99?

Holding an event is expensive, especially in a great city like Los Angeles. There are hotel fees, Internet and AV charges, insurance and labor costs and lots and lots of taxes. But we’ve kept registration fees low by eliminating the high-priced items that add cost but add little value for the attendee.

  • Gone are high-priced keynote speakers who have a lot of charisma but are not relevant to the insights industry or the work you do on a day-to-day basis.
  • Costly sit-down lunches are gone as well (saving $85 per meal per person). Instead, meals are on your own, which not only saves you money but gives you the freedom to choose when, where and how much you want to spend. The nearby dining choices are plentiful.
  • We’ve also kept prices low by choosing a standard hotel as a venue instead of a posh resort.
  • Holding an event in late winter cuts the cost by 40 percent over more popular (and warmer) times of year.

Finally, whenever possible we’re also asking research companies to sponsor snacks, drinks and other amenities. Without their support our low-price model would not be possible!

Why is there such a high price difference to attend between research suppliers and the end-client/corporate researchers?

The Quirk’s Event is an extremely low margin event with almost 95 percent of the cost being covered by our exhibitors, speakers and sponsors. The original intent was not to charge research suppliers such a high fee to attend. However, we quickly discovered that when the registration fee for suppliers was low, companies were choosing to simply send all of their staff but not exhibit or sponsor the event. Without the exhibitors or sponsors we could not afford to put on the event (and there really would not be an event).

The companies that do support the event and sponsor the event are primarily paying to reach the client-side (corporate) researcher – not other suppliers. So, they want to ensure a maximum number of client-side attendees (thus the low price) and they don’t want to compete to reach this audience against hundreds of other suppliers that are only paying $95 just to network (thus a higher registration price for suppliers).

In the final analysis, the price only seems high relative to the end-client price. In reality, the price suppliers currently pay is still about $1,000 less than what they would pay to attend any other conference of this size in our industry.

Is there a discount code I can use?

Yes. Enter code Save20 to save 20%.

How do I register and what’s the deadline?

Register online for the Los Angeles event or call the reservation line. The early bird registration deadline is October 28, 2022 – the best pricing. The early special rate registration deadline is January 25, 2023. The standard rate ends February 17. You are able to register up to the date of the event or until the event is sold out.

Can I register on site?

No. On-site registrations will not be allowed.

Can I register for another person?


Can I register more than one person?


Are registration cancellations or substitutions permitted?

Yes. A full refund will be granted if your cancelation has been received in writing 60 days prior to the start of the event. For refunds requested 30 to 60 days prior to the event, refund will be: 100% of amount paid, less $75 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued in the 29 days prior to event or after event begins.

Substitutions can be made free of charge up until 14 days before the start of the event. After that, all substitutions are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

Please contact at or 763-352-6397 for any cancellations and substitution requests.

What happens if I lose my smart badge?

Unfortunately, if you lose your badge we will need to charge you for a new badge. The cost is $25 – so guard your name badge with your life!

Can I register for multiple locations at one time?

No, if you decide to attend more than one event, you will need to register for each event separately.

I just want to see one session. Do I still have to register for the event?


Can my spouse or partner attend sessions with me?

Anyone attending sessions must register.

Can I bring my child to the event with me?

No, please leave children at home – it won’t be fun for them, you or anyone else attending. Just ask your child.

But what about nursing mothers?

Quirk’s works to make attending an event without your children a little easier. Please let our staff know if you would like access to a comfortable and private lactation room.

Will there be a place to check my coat?

Yes, there will be a coat check available.

What should I wear?

The event is casual. Business casual attire is always a safe choice. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers – conference rooms can vary from frigid to steamy. We’ll do our best to keep it a delightful temperature.

How do I make hotel reservations?

You can make hotel reservation right on this website or call the dedicated hotel reservation number found on the location and travel page.

What if I need to change or cancel my hotel reservations?

Please contact the hotel directly.

Will there be free Internet access?

Yes, wireless Internet will be available in the network lounge.

Will breakfast or lunch be served?

A light breakfast will be served in the Expo Hall each morning.  A grab and go lunch will be served. Booths will be serving a wide range of grab and go snacks and beverages at lunch time and at the afternoon break.