Rep Data helps researchers expedite data collection for primary quantitative research studies, with a hyper-focus on data quality and consistent execution. Our mission is to be a reliable, repeatable data collection partner. For life.

We leverage direct connections into 250+ panel suppliers across 100+ countries. Suppliers compete against each other for access to open quotas. On average, a dozen panels will supply into an individual project. This means: unbiased sample sourcing, more representative sample, faster turnaround time, more cost effective pricing and more reach than traditional panel vendors.

The foundation of quality in the research process is the sample itself. To continue with our unbiased theme, Rep Data partners with external consultants to rate our sample suppliers on an ongoing basis. We don’t want to grade our own homework. Each Rep Data supplier must meet a minimum quality benchmark, similar to how an Airbnb host must maintain a rating to list their property. Suppliers are graded on respondent attentiveness, time spent taking survey, straight-lining, open-end response quality and attitudes over time.

To complement the sample quality, we also implement strict quality checks before, during, and after field.

Our client base consists of market research agencies, management consultancies, Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, brand strategy consultancies, universities and global communications/ PR agencies.