April 2-3, 2019

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What Researchers Can Learn from Marketers and What Marketers Can Learn From Researchers

Room 2 | 10:00-10:30 | Tuesday, April 2, 2019

With customer experience at the forefront of business initiatives today, about 60 percent of all research is being initiated by marketing. As the role of the CMO evolves into chief experience officers, they carry the heavy load to lead their organization in this experience economy but are finding out quickly that the big data they’ve worked so hard to collect is not producing all the insights they need to be successful.

Enter the researcher. Long seen as the person who performed big studies once or twice a year to inform different business silos – product, culture, brand, etc. – the researcher is becoming an essential part of the business to help drive transformation. Re-titled to insights expert, customer insights, customer expert, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates market research roles will increase by 23 percent  by 2026 – adding nearly 140,000 jobs in that time.

But the marketer and researcher are essentially very different in their methodology, approach, consideration and personality. Whereas marketers, under the strain of lots of demands, mistrust from the business and inundated with talk of marketing stacks and big data, tend to look for the automated and easy way to target, batch and blast to get leads; the researcher looks to the small data to tell the story, understand the human motivation, get to the “why.”

The only way businesses will be enabled to create relevant customer experiences is to understand their customer truth. To move beyond understanding the voice of the customer through a set of data points to understand their mind, their true perspective completely. Why they do what they do. How they think, fell, act. It’ll take both the researcher/customer insights expert AND the marketer, together with big AND small data for companies to design experiences that attract and retain customers.

In this presentation, FocusVision CMO Dawn Colossi and SVP of research Zoe Dowling, Ph.D., will draw on their experience to discuss what marketers can learn from researchers and what researchers can learn from marketers.

Attendees will learn:

  1. How marketing needs to evolve to a data-driven, digital, content-rich, customer-centric program to rise above the noise to capture the hearts and minds of your audience.
  2. How the right research at the right time uncovers customer truth and understandings of how your customer thinks, acts and feels.
  3. How the only culmination of these two things will allow brands to succeed in this experience economy.
  4. And, of course, how these two roles can work together to transform a business.


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