April 2-3, 2019

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Shifting from CX to HX: 3 Guidelines for Aligning Human Experience and Brand Experience

Everywhere you turn these days you hear people talking about consumer experience or CX. But what we really should explore is HX or the human experience. Much of CX insights work focuses too narrowly on moments of brand interaction and never takes into account the rich life context in which that interaction is embedded. In so doing, much of the CX insights work that is done risks missing fresh insights and opportunities for true innovation. It is the human experience (HX) that actually drives the decisions we make.

In this informative presentation, RealityCheck Co-Founders Jim Chastain and Jim White, Ph.D., advocate a shift from CX to HX and demonstrate how a broader focus on the human experience through human context, human stories and human journey can provide a pathway to innovation and a competitive advantage for your brands.

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