April 2-3, 2019

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Research and the Elusive Generation Z

One of the biggest challenges in research today continues to be engaging the youth market – whether that’s Generation Z or their slightly older Millennial counterparts.

In her latest book iGen, Dr. Jean Twenge suggests that Generation Z and many Millennials are defined as those who’ve spent most of or their entire adolescence in the age of the smartphone. The impact of always-on, smart technology has clearly shaped the attitudes and behaviors of the youth market, making it increasingly challenging to engage them in research activities.

But opportunities do exist to capture the essence of this generation if we’re willing to be agile and tailored in our research approaches. The key is to use the channels already heavily embedded in the generation’s psyche, making engagement a natural process rather than a forced event. Here, perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile and social are critical. But it’s not just the channels that are important here, it’s the way in which those channels and available technology are used.

In this presentation, Holly Carter, Confirmit’s director of product marketing, will discuss opportunities researchers can leverage to better engage Generation Z and Millennials on their terms, including:

  • Designing shorter and highly engaging surveys leveraging gamification and social media tactics and
  • using mobile to replicate a social approach to recording in-the-moment feedback, attitudes and behaviors.

Presentation type:

  • Other

Subjects covered:

  • Mobile research
  • Assessing marketing research technology vendors
  • Customer experience
  • Industry trends – future of marketing research
  • Social media research
  • Gamification


  1. Designing shorter and highly engaging surveys.
  2. Leveraging gamification and social media tactics.
  3. Using mobile to replicate a social approach to recording in-the-moment feedback, attitudes and behaviors.


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