April 2-3, 2019

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Increasing Research Rigor with Hybrid QualQuant Survey Research

QualQuant Signals created a concept testing approach with stronger research rigor that solves market pain points and delivers results quickly. This approach dramatically expands the amount of insights gained from traditional concept testing because it:

  • Uses hybrid qual/quant questions to identify the most important concept optimizations (in addition to traditional quantitative evaluation);
  • compares overall concept performance against open white space opportunities; and
  • investigates high/low performance patterns to create best practices.

Come to this session to hear case studies, best practices and learn how we diagnose concepts that lead to increased market acceptance and quicker adoption times. Organizations such as Pepsi, Samsung and Best Buy use the hybrid qual/quant approach as a more powerful way of testing initiatives, claiming this approach:

  • Shortens research lifecycles and is cost effective compared to other methodologies;
  • reduces the chance of selecting the wrong concept or direction for development; and
  • easily determines trade-offs and identifies unmet needs to increase adoption.

This type of testing applies to products, package designs, promotions, creatives and messaging/communications.


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