April 2-3, 2019

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How to Optimize Co-Creation!

This presentation will cover what six key elements make co-creation sessions more effective and productive:

  1. Recruit participants who have a creative bent: creative consumers!
  2. Train them on creativity and stretching thought.
  3. Give them rich, intensive homework prior to the session (clients as well!).
  4. Have direct interactions with the client team.
  5. Creative consumers know why they are there!
  6. Most importantly, depth vs. breadth. Fewer people, with longer time with them leads to deeper insights.

Examples will be used from various projects we have done together to illustrate the how/what/outcome.

We will also have a fun interactive exercise on creative thinking: how to not “yes but” but “yes and” and “what I wish for.”

Presentation type:

  • Best Practice Workshop

Subjects covered:

  • Customer experience
  • Ethnographic/observational research


  1. How to think outside the box for problem solving.
  2. How to work with your end customers to better meet their needs.
  3. How to energize your internal team’s creative thinking.


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