April 2-3, 2019

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How and When to Use Online Qual for Designing Successful Consumer Studies

While most market researchers have used online qual, there are many practitioners who may not be aware of the multitude of online qualitative applications for various research initiatives. There are still a lot of misconceptions or old perceptions about how and when to use online qual to get closer to understanding the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of your customers and prospects. The fact is online qual, driven by amazing leaps in technology, now offers more options than ever before for insights strategists to engage respondents and uncover deeper, more emotional insights.

In this dynamic presentation, Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!, will show you how and when to use online projective, social, video and mobile tools to design a wide range of study types, including digital ethnography, multi-day attitudinal and behavioral studies, concept testing, home-use testing, customer experience and journey mapping, UX testing and much more to deliver richer, deeper, more connected insights for your clients.

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