April 2-3, 2019

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Hey There Good Lookin’ – How Tyson is Adapting Dating Apps to Screen Food Ideas

Room 3 | 4:00-4:30 | Wednesday, April 3, 2019

We will focus on how we believe that the language of consumer insights needs to change to reflect how people communicate now. We will come at this from two sides:

1. How consumers communicate. Consumer insights has always been out of step here, with a focus on balanced language (e.g., neither agree nor disagree) vs. human language. This forces consumers out of their comfort zone and leads to less natural, intuitive responses. Dig Insights and Tyson, in partnership, have developed new survey techniques that leverage the language of mobile (e.g., swiping, online shopping) that reflect how consumers communicate now. The result is a more natural, intuitive, System 1 reaction.

2. How business communicate. Again, consumer insights has consistently been out of step. There has been an emphasis on rigor but less emphasis on effective communication. The result is endless pages of stacked bar charts and top-two-box summaries. Dig Insights and Tyson have worked together to move to 1) data visualization (e.g., network maps, quadrant charts) and 2) reporting in the language of the business – projections of units, dollars and profit. The result is that marketing and finance do not need to learn the consumer insights language.

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Data visualization
  • Mobile research
  • Behavioral economics
  • Storytelling/data interpretation
  • Industry trends – future of marketing research
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative
  • Gamification


We hope to inspire attendees to think about the way that they speak to consumers and the way that they speak to their clients and to move the consumer insights industry to adopt a new, more intuitive, more human language.


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