April 2-3, 2019

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Bringing a DIY Online Community to Life: The 9-Year Success Story of voicesHUB by Experian

In the fast-moving, highly competitive categories of managing credit reporting and identity protection, consumer insights agility is paramount. That’s why Experian set out to better understand our online subscription member base by launching voicesHUB, our private branded B2C DIY online qualitative community, in 2010. At a fraction of the cost of multiple qualitative studies, over the last nine years, voicesHUB has fielded over 1,000 research questions.

voicesHUB allows us to keep our members at the center of our strategic initiatives. Every day, we talk to our members about how they navigate their lifestyles and how their financial goals are affected by their credit and identity protection needs. The result? Richer insights that inform product development and marketing direction.

voicesHUB works because we continually innovate to keep our members engaged and informed. We leverage an agile but repeatable model. Our processes accelerate learning and deliver meaningful value to a wide range of internal stakeholders. From recruiting to research to reporting, voicesHUB directives have evolved over time to keep up with the brand, consumers and technology. We employ a plethora of tools and techniques to encourage community engagement as well as amplify findings that drive product relevance.

Hear Experian highlight a behind-the-scenes case study look at how voicesHUB initiatives fuel business growth by leveraging a community to further engage with the brand, boosting retention rates and increasing brand affinity year after year!

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Effective vendor/client relationship management
  • Customer experience
  • MROC/custom panel build


  1. Hear Experian highlight a behind-the-scenes case study look at the voicesHUB B2C DIY online qualitative community.
  2. Discover how voicesHUB evolved and up-leveled its marketing research directives over time to immerse members into their brand, making them truly customer-centric.
  3. Listen to excerpts from our playbook on how we activate and implement effective community research and engagement plans.


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