April 2-3, 2019

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Breaking Down the Product Silos in Brand Health Tracking

To understand consumer perceptions of Progressive and the competition, its market research department has maintained many product-specific brand health trackers for many years. The trackers focused primarily on auto and recreational vehicles (motorcycle, boat and RV) and are fielded separately.

This product-specific brand tracking approach worked well for Progressive. However, as we’ve expanded our product offerings to home and renters and other ancillary products, our brand tracker strategy needed to evolve to understand the consumer’s “garage” and how it and everything in it is insured. We needed a way to measure how our brand is perceived on a holistic basis – not losing our view of product-specific markets but diving deeper into how the array of products we offer are all connected and reflected in the Progressive brand. Progressive Insurance will explain its design for a brand tracker evolution from a product-specific to a holistic measurement in the auto-plus-home insurance marketplace.


  1. Assessing the health of many product types in one brand tracker is doable.
  2. It’s a must to evolve brand health measurement tools as the organization shifts its strategies.
  3. Find the right vendor that is willing to take a calculated risk with your brand.


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