April 2-3, 2019

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Accelerated Insights

Today’s companies are under increasing pressure from the “Amazon effect.” As we know, at the center of every winning brand we find data-driven decisions. In our data-driven economy, time to insight is the currency. So where can we find time? In short, everywhere there is a human involved in a process:

  1. The early 2000s gave rise to a host of online survey DIY tools. These cut the call center out of the research process saving a huge chunk of time.
  2. In 2010 many platforms, including SurveyMonkey, Zappi, Confirmit and Qualtrics, created black box survey solutions which leveraged templates, saving further time usually spent in programming.
  3. DIY Programmatic Sample buying through marketplaces automated the sourcing of sample from multiple sources.

But what does the market actually want? A hybrid approach. It is a combination of automating much of the survey programming so that surveys’ quotas and terminations automatically informs the sample marketplace so data is gathered straight away.

In this presentation, we will explore specific customer use cases on how they are using integrated insights to create competitive advantage.

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Business-to-business research
  • Behavioral economics
  • Automated research


  1. Brands are using insights in line with their everyday work.
  2. Research has to be easy enough to conduct to function in lock step with their work while being flexible enough to answer many different business questions.
  3. Firms like MARC and PureSpectrum represent the next generation of research tools. Partnerships like these will grow and brands will benefit.


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