April 2-3, 2019

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Megan Peitz

Ingenuity Ambassador, Sawtooth Software

A self-proclaimed nerd with her master’s in mathematics and statistics, Megan Peitz has challenged stereotypes as the ingenuity ambassador at Sawtooth Software, the global leader in tools and training for choice analytics. Megan has over 10 years of marketing research experience, playing a variety of roles from analyst to consultant. In addition to leading the Sawtooth Software Webinar series and teaching choice modeling workshops, Megan has presented at the Sawtooth Software Conference and AAPOR Conferences and mentors female students interested in STEM careers.

Sessions from Megan Peitz:

The Peaks and Pitfalls of MaxDiff at Procter & Gamble

Hitch a ride as we explore the maximum difference scaling landscape at P&G. This easy yet powerful research method is just the ticket for product benefit/claim screening and package designs [...]


Tuesday | 10:45-11:15 | Room 3