April 2-3, 2019

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Mark Garratt

Partner and Co-Founder, in4mation insights

Mark Garratt is an expert in experimental design, choice modeling, hierarchical Bayesian modeling, pricing analysis, sales forecasting, sales response modeling and marketing mix. In 2006, he became a founding partner of in4mation insights. He has a proven track record of creating and selling relevant innovative solutions in the decision sciences.

Prior to the founding of in4mation insights, Mark held director roles in the areas of analysis and forecasting on the client-side for both Gillette Co. and Miller Brewing Co.

Sessions from Mark Garratt:

Using Social Media Data to Predict New Product Success

Almost all of our clients have social listening programs. Those thinking “downstream” are already considering whether the social data is good enough to replace tracking data. Can it tell us, [...]


Wednesday | 1:30-2:00 | Room 1