April 2-3, 2019

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Julia Maier

Analytics Associate, KJT Group

Prior to joining KJT Group, Julie was an assistant professor of psychology. She taught courses in introduction to statistics and research methods, social psychology, health psychology and motivation among others. Her primary areas of research focused on media psychology and personality theory. She has published in the following journals: Pediatrics, Pain Physician, Journal of Advertising and Psychology of Popular Media Culture. At KJT Group, Julie conducts advanced analyses and engages in methodological research. Julie received her B.A. in psychology and communications from Lycoming College. Following that she earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology from Iowa State University.

Sessions from Julia Maier:

It’s Not Just About if You Like it: A Reasoned Action Approach to Predicting Consumer Behavior

Market research often takes a hedonic approach to understanding and predicting consumer behavior: The more people like something, the more likely they are to purchase it. Research methods that follow [...]


Tuesday | 1:30-2:00 | Room 2