April 2-3, 2019

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Jim White, Ph.D.

Human Insights Strategist and Co-Founder, RealityCheck

Jim White started his professional career as a newspaper reporter and, in many ways, has never stopped thinking like a journalist. He still digs “to find the story.” He believes that good research, like good reporting, is about finding “the lead” – that single most important insight – and conveying it in a simple yet compelling narrative.

Jim W. has 20+ years of experience in consumer insights, marketing and brand strategy. As an advocate of online qualitative research and analysis, he has been instrumental in the design and development of Aha! and analytical approaches for RealityCheck. He holds a doctorate from Northwestern University in Communications Studies and has taught courses in Communications Research Methods, the Psychology of Attitudes and Persuasion, Popular Culture and Brand Strategy.

Sessions from Jim White, Ph.D.:

Shifting from CX to HX: 3 Guidelines for Aligning Human Experience and Brand Experience

Everywhere you turn these days you hear people talking about consumer experience or CX. But what we really should explore is HX or the human experience. Much of CX insights [...]


Tuesday | 2:15-2:45 | Room 5