April 2-3, 2019

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Ypulse is the leading authority on Millennials and Gen Z: tweens, teens and young adults. We capture and analyze market trends, providing a steady stream of insights backed by monthly and quarterly survey data to help brands better understand, engage and communicate with youth.

Leveraging our proprietary research panel of people aged 13-35, we produce syndicated insights and offer a full suite of custom research capabilities that leverage our stellar research team to solve unique challenges faced by major brands.

Sessions from Ypulse:

Understanding Sneaker Culture: The Products, the Players and the Community – And How to Authentically Engage

Sneaker culture has changed dramatically over the past two decades, shifting from a niche community of collectors to the mainstream. For Millennials and Gen Z, sneakers are a visible, tangible [...]


Tuesday | 2:15-2:45 | Room 3