April 2-3, 2019

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SurveyWriter is a global leader in the technology of Web-based survey research. We are an application service provider (ASP), supplying professional research organizations of all sizes the tools to collect, manage, analyze and report data. With no upfront costs, no network administration and the best feature-to-price ratio in the industry, SurveyWriter is the survey tool for online research. Make sure you ask us about our new Emotional Positioning System (EPS), a comprehensive online visual interviewing tool that harnesses the power of images to reveal the subconscious, emotional drivers of your target audience. EPS provides all of the metrics of a traditional concept test and then takes it further by overcoming the limitations of traditional testing. EPS allows you to discover what consumers cannot or will not tell you. This tool provides valuable insights into the emotional positioning of packaging, print media, television advertising – any stimuli that needs to be emotionally mapped.