April 2-3, 2019

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SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution. Built right into the SurveyMonkey platform, we’ve integrated with panels in over 100 countries to enable global consumer research anytime, anywhere and for any budget. Target respondents by demographics, firmographics or custom screening questions, automatically launch projects on your schedule and start seeing results in real time.

SurveyMonkey Audience gets you instant feedback for a variety of market research use cases: consumer behavior, market sizing, competitive intelligence, product development, ad testing, brand tracking and more.

Load Audience Credits for one-time financial approval and one-click checkout or expedite fielding by choosing Express Delivery. SurveyMonkey Audience is built for speed, enabling results in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

Sessions from SurveyMonkey Audience:

DIY Market Research: How Agile Start-up Culture is Transforming the Way We Grow and Innovate

“Innovate or die,” a phrase start-ups and high-growth companies have embraced. The pace of change in business has accelerated to the point where traditional market research is finding it hard [...]


Tuesday | 1:30-2:00 | Room 3