April 2-3, 2019

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KnowledgeHound simplifies how companies organize and access consumer insights. We build a unified, searchable database for your market research data so your team can easily and efficiently locate the insights you need. Stunning visualization tools and powerful analytics make it easy to transform data and insights into effective business intelligence while secure, cloud-based technology enables your team to share information across units, geographies and business partners for a broader impact.

Sessions from KnowledgeHound:

The New MR Tech Stack: How the MR Ecosystem is Shifting Through New Technology and Methodology

Researchers today are under more pressure than ever to deliver fast, agile insights in a world where consumer opinions are increasingly more difficult to capture. For several years, we’ve seen [...]


Tuesday | 11:30-12:00 | Room 5

The 3 Phases of Data Democratization with American Family Insurance

The thought of granting access to data across an organization might instill fear within the hearts of many insights teams. Rightfully so. Data, when used improperly, can create big problems. [...]


Wednesday | 2:15-2:45 | Room 5

Accelerated Insights

Today’s companies are under increasing pressure from the “Amazon effect.” As we know, at the center of every winning brand we find data-driven decisions. In our data-driven economy, time to [...]


Tuesday | 3:30-4:00 | Room 1