April 2-3, 2019

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Informed Decisions Group Inc. is a full-service behavioral insights firm focusing on shopper insights, consumer psychology and conversion measurement. IDG measures the behavioral impact on brands, shopper journey, shelf interaction and market structure. Being on the bleeding edge of innovations including eye-tracking, emotional measurement, virtual shopping and conversion measurement, our clients benefit from our team’s expertise in consumer behavior and decades of experience. Our methodologies apply cohesive quantitative and qualitative designs with proprietary technologies. IDG’s goal is to bring our clients closer to their customers by applying visual, marketing and behavioral sciences. By combining these data points with advanced analytics and examining the changes in customer behaviors, IDG has a 360-degree understanding which our clients can leverage against their competition.

Expo experience:

IDG Virtual Shopper

Booth 201

Experience a portable, life-sized, in-context store and shelf system with IDG’s Mobile Virtual Aisle. The 4K cinematic reality projection system is a high resolution mobile virtual reality rear projection capable of producing high resolution digital images with cinematic color quality. Interact with the life-size wall and learn how it can be used to extract insights from shopper interactions using eye-tracking and qualitative interviews.