April 2-3, 2019

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We are Askia and we are all about automating insight. We are a group of gifted individuals who have a passion for market research.

We and our clients have this in common: We all believe that Askia has the best market research software in the industry. And the best support team behind it. Software is only one component of the offering. Our software range has been evolving thanks to the drive of our clients, industry leaders by their size or their willingness to adopt new technologies. We enable our clients to automate their research processes and build highly efficient MR operations.

We offer easy-to-use yet sophisticated questionnaire design; for data collection, we provide telephone, mobile, Web, face-to-face and multimodal options, each available via the same powerful administration platform; our data processing and delivery products are spearheaded by online and offline statistical analysis tools and dashboards. If you include our APIs and our community management platform, then you have a grasp on what we’re all about!