April 2-3, 2019

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AcuPOLL helps clients evaluate and improve innovation and major marketing initiatives to accelerate growth. New Spark MCR™ leverages advances in cognitive science for more realistic, “System 1 and 2” evaluation of early-stage ideas. Spark goes beyond rational surveys to capture impulses and emotions with a more practical solution than “neuro” methods, for screening seed ideas, positionings, and message building blocks. AcuPOLL’s Master Database Methodology™ overcomes challenges of traditional concept test approaches, where concepts that don’t have broad appeal default to looking bad. AcuPOLL’s Concept Optimizer™ better illuminates the three key strategies for growth – passionate niches, premium extensions, and disruptive category creators – and recently helped optimize four Top 10 U.S. new product launches. In addition to these innovative online methods, AcuPOLL Live with Predictive Qualitative™ on iPads provides a uniquely immersive Qual+Quant technique recently featured in Advertising Age for work on a 2016 Super Bowl ad. AcuPOLL Live helps quantitatively evaluate, qualitatively improve, and rapidly iterate your most important initiatives to bring your vision to life.

Sessions from AcuPOLL Precision Research:

Conquering E-Commerce by Capturing Consumers’ Gut, Heart and Mind

In e-commerce, companies are scrambling to compete with resourceful market leaders and nimble challengers. Success requires messaging and business models that connect with consumers on all levels – rational as [...]


Wednesday | 9:15-9:45 | Room 4