Molly Paterson

Sensory Scientist II , Johnsonville

Molly is a member of Johnsonville’s Product Insights team who is passionate about the end-user experience. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in dairy science manufacturing where she developed a knack for food product judging. She earned a Ph.D. in food science and technology from Iowa State with an emphasis in sensory and economics.

At Johnsonville, she has been integral to consumer testing and validation across multiple business units. She is responsible for product testing from fuzzy front end to launch, as well post-launch product monitoring.

Sessions from Molly Paterson:

Protocepting: Turning great ideas into great product

No matter how well-written and -illustrated a concept is, it can be hard to know exactly what consumers are expecting. Learn how Johnsonville shortened product development time with a new [...]


Monday | 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Room 4