Katie Egge

Senior Vice President, Head of Client Services

Katie Egge is senior vice president of client services at NAILBITER. Having spent her entire career in the market research industry, Katie is passionate about the value insights can provide to organizations and is motivated to help NAILBITER’s clients obtain the insights they need to drive long-term benefits for their businesses. Katie is also a WIRe mentor and a recurring guest speaker for market research classes at JWU and URI.

When not coordinating market research studies, Katie enjoys tabletop board games, training her dog (Kirby) in agility sports and performing aerial silks up to 30 ft. in the air!

Sessions from Katie Egge:

How Kraft Heinz decoded the fragmented grocery e-commerce channel

The e-commerce channel experienced significant growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and has continued to evolve ever since. This ever-changing, rapid expansion has led to the online grocery experience becoming fragmented. [...]


Tuesday | 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm | Room 4