Dave Moore

Market Research Consultant, Purdue University

Dave has years of market research experience in the pharmaceutical industry, building industry leading brands.  Following his departure from his role as senior director of global market research at Eli Lilly & Co, Dave has been working with Purdue University as a market research consultant.   Dave has served as a trustee for Marketing Sciences Institute and been a member of the Insights Association.  Dave holds a bachelor of science in Engineering from Purdue University and earned his MBA from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.  He currently an adjunct professor at Butler University.

Sessions from Dave Moore:

Purdue global: Building a higher education brand for working adults

Inspired by Purdue’s land-grant mission — to offer educational opportunities to those who had traditionally been excluded from higher education — the Purdue University Board of Trustees resolved in 2017 [...]


Monday | 4:45 pm - 5:15 pm | Room 2