Andrew DeCilles

Vice President and Team Lead, EMI Research Solutions

Andrew DeCilles is an expert sample consultant with over seven years of experience in market research. Andrew specializes in sample bias analysis and mitigation — especially as related to brand tracking. He has a passion for helping clients answer the question, “Is this change in my data due to actual shifts in the marketplace or just something in my sample?”

When Andrew isn’t creating custom sampling solutions for his clients, he’s usually gardening, fishing, pursuing the culinary arts and spending time with his two sons.

Sessions from Andrew DeCilles:

Uncovering the truth: Mental health and the combined power of narrative inquiry and strategic sample blending

Mental health awareness has made strides in reducing stigma in mainstream media, but negative attitudes toward mental illnesses persist. When combined with traditional gender roles and expectations of masculinity, the [...]


Tuesday | 11:15 am - 11:45 am | Room 4