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Olson Zaltman (OZ) is a market research firm that identifies deep consumer insights to help clients develop and implement effective marketing, product and communication strategies.

OZ has a network of global partners and can conduct research all over the world.

OZ uses the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET®) and the Implicit Association Test (IAT) to dig deeply into consumers’ thoughts and feelings. ZMET is a patented insight development tool developed by Professor Gerald Zaltman (Harvard Business School). In the past 20 years, OZA has conducted nearly nearly 1,000 ZMET studies in 35 countries.

ZMET incorporates the latest scientific understanding of how the mind works based on cognitive and clinical psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and sociology. ZMET identifies the deep mental and emotional universal orientations that structure and guide how people think, feel and act.

ZMET probes beneath the surface to reveal “what people don’t know they know”​ – the underlying motivations that influence their decisions. Because 95% of all thought occurs in the unconscious, most of these important factors are missed by traditional research methods. Our clients have found that ZMET reveals information about people that is crucial to generating growth and building strong consumer relationships.

We use a core set of universal metaphors – called Deep Metaphors™ – that structure thinking in all consumer experiences. The Deep Metaphor model, together other mental models gained through our special probing techniques, act as strategic tools to create implications that form the basis of strategy, NPD and communication.

IAT is a implicit and qualitative tool, ideal for concept evaluations and decision making.

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