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We are a trusted and proficient B2B enterprise, with more than 10+ years of expertise in the industry. Highly regarded for providing quality research, value-added and timely services on a global scale, we deliver projects in multiple languages in over 90 countries. We’ve successfully conducted and delivered more than 10,000 beneficial, relevant and timely research studies.

Creating a strong community at Market Expertise (ME Pune) group begins with building a family with our employees. We at ME group strive to deliver the best and go the extra mile for clients. Listen to the journey below of how the ME group completed a glorious decade.

At Market Expertise we believe it is important to simplify complex business processes and derive optimum solutions; and for that we have a wide-ranging toolkit that comprises of research, media, technology and demand generation functions. Our team of smart professionals is dedicated to their responsibilities, and clients have come to rely on our services to develop their future strategies.

We place high importance in understanding the main objectives of our clients and work with them closely to conceptualize and design research methodology. Accordingly, data is collected, processed and analyzed to generate meaningful inferences and quality-assured results. In addition to this, our 360-degree, comprehensive digital marketing framework has benefited our clients in their various marketing and lead generation efforts.

We make use of the most technologically advanced, systematic, and cost-effective methods possible so that clients can derive more value from our services.

Market Expertise is compliant and committed to provide internationally recognized standards of ethical and professional practice as per the ICC/ESOMAR code and ESOMAR world research guidelines.